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Film Festival - Wall Street

Thursday - November 20, 2003
MAC Playhouse - 3:30 pm - 6:15 pm

Wall Street

Hosted by: Dr. Fredric L. Mayerson, Professor of Business
College Now Business Course Coordinator

About the Movie: Wall Street
Director, Oliver Stone 1997 - Rating R - Adult Language:Adult Content
Bud Fox is a Wall Street stockbroker with a strong desire to get to the top. Things change for him when he meets the high-powered, extremely successful (but ruthless) reptilian broker Gordon Gekko, who explains to him his philosophy that "greed is good." Fox soon finds himself swept in the world of Reagan-era yuppies: shady business deals, the "good life," fast money and few values. This is a morality tale.

About the Presenter: Dr. Fredric L. Mayerson
Dr. Mayerson is a professor in the Department of Business at Kingsborough Community College. Since his first experience on Wall Street in 1966, he has been interested in investments and financial markets. In addition to being a Professor of Business, Dr. Mayerson has served as the Chief Financial Officer for two multi-million dollar organizations. He has consulted in the financial services industry for the last two decades and recently created a course at Kingsborough entitled "Business Images in the Media" that is offered at the college.

Extra Credit Assignments

1. What is Bud's job in the beginning of the film? Describe the duties of his position? What aspects of his work are shown in the film?
2. What are the values of Bud's father? How does Bud feel about them? Why?
3. What is the business philosophy of Gordon Gekko? How is Bud seduced by Gordon's world?
4. How do Gordon and Bud conspire to make money? What is "insider trading?" Why is this method of making money considered wrong? Explain.
5. While in his beautiful new apartment, why does Bud ask himself, "Who am I?"
6. What is the message of this movie? Do you agree or disagree with it, and why?

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